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Psychology in Selling

Entrepreneurs Program



Course Modules: Handpicked to Accelerate Your Sales Journey 

Psychology of Personal Performance: How to Achieve Your Goals

The psychology of personal performance in goal setting identifies the deeper “Why” around your goals, business, financial and personal in your life. Build effective plans to achieve them. Identify the motivating reasons that will propel you no matter what obstacles you face to attain them. Make an impact on your business and personal results immediately. 


  • Identify your “Why” for your goals- The Psychology of Achievement and setting personal bests
  • Achieve clarity of thought in all aspects of your life
  • Build practical action plans for identified goals 
Building Connections

Discover how emotional connections can be created for maximum sales impact in face to face meetings that are even more important than price. 


  • Understand the power of matching the language of your client
  • Use different voice tonality to control how the client thinks and acts
Art of Reading Body Language

Knowing if the client is interested or not in your deal is crucial to your next move. Read your client like a poker player, read their tells and pick the right time to close, retreat, or change direction. Reading Body Language signals has huge payoffs to attain high closing ratios. Open client’s minds by using your body language by reading their signals of resistance. 


  • Understand what specific body language signals mean
  • Learn to influence peoples mind by changing their body language
  • Learn to observe body language buying signals and rejection signals 
Presentation Skills

Present features, advantages and benefits to influence the mind and heart of your clients. Follow the 7 steps process and close with certainty. Present to close. Identify and utilise your unique benefits clearly. 


  • Communicate the benefit clearly
  • Create conviction in the client that your service is the best option for them.
  • Close with commitment from the client.
Million Dollar Words

Discover and apply the use of hidden powerful words that top influencers use for maximum impact in meetings and presentations. Overcome objections smoothly, have clients agreeing with your deal within minutes. Turn any objection into a deal and close deals faster than any of your competitors. 


  • Use one word or a combination to influence thinking within seconds
  • Plant ideas in the mind without resistance
  • Gain agreement within seconds
Mental Skills

Discover the secrets of how top salespeople developed powerful mind sets to overcome challenges. Apply a mind management technique that creates a focused mind within seconds. 


  • Turn negative beliefs into powerful resources for taking action
  • Use mind management techniques that get you into the Focus Zone within seconds
  • Systematically change any process in sales, business for immediate results
Reframing Arguments

Understand the psychological power of Tag questions to overcome negative mindsets and naturally lead the client to a “Yes”. Use Tag questions to open minds and close deals fast. Construct reframes of common client objections and stalling tactics to gain commitment. 


  • Apply tag questions to all statements and move deals forward to the close
  • Apply techniques to eliminate disagreement and gain acceptance 

What Makes This Program Special?

When I think of success I’m not just talking about business, would you consider yourself successful if you’re not happy?

Probably not, I realised that to be truly successful you must balance work life with your personal life, and it is a high probability – I would even say it’s almost certain that your limiting beliefs and problems influence each other and then causes a negative spiral and feedback loop.

The Entrepreneur course outlines the step-by-step process to break that process and conquer your emotions to reach your potential.


Pancho’s work is truly phenomenal. It helps you to build your attitude, your behaviour in your work and personal life. I have certainly changed over the past 12 months, compared to where I was before. My ability to further excel in my career, I hit a career high and sold my highest ever listing of $2.75 Million and started to build a bigger pipeline which is what we were ultimately training to get to. Can’t thank him enough.

Joseph, Raine & Horne Marrickville

What Our Clients Say About Us

“We are half way through training with Pancho and I can categorically say that every one of the team is rating him a 9 or 10 out of 10. He’s phenomenal, especially as we have seen every type of trainer that is available in the real estate industry.”



“This has been a much more productive experience than I could have ever imagined. You know how awesome is that? That’s just awesome, I love that. If you are considering using Pancho and the team, I could not recommend them highly enough.”


“What I have found is that Pancho has been very different to a lot of the people that I have dealt with as far as my training, coaching and mentoring. It comes very highly recommended. I know that I’ve made massive changes with my work.”


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